Ho, Ho, Holy Moly, it’s Christmas!!! Yeah, I know. I should keep it secular and just give a shout out to “Happy Holidays”, right? But that’s just not me folks! I say Merry Christmas ‘cause that’s what I celebrate, so take it in the spirit that it’s given and don’t go gettin’ all bent outta shape, ya’ dig? Whatever you celebrate, enjoy the season, enjoy your friends and family, and enjoy yourself. Check out some of these Christmas items that just fit perfectly with my basement digs!

C’mon, are they great or what? My wife put together the wreath with items she picked up at Target! Who’da thunk it?

Now, this is the time of year that, among other lil’ things like acknowledging the birth of Christ, I get to put together a list of things that I want. For most of my life I have not been the acquiring kind, at least not selfishly, ya’ know. Yeah, I got the good size house, good cars, okay clothes, nice furnishings and that kinda stuff, but I’m talkin’ about the PERSONAL acquisitions. STUFF FOR ME!! For some reason, I just got into feelin’ okay about getting’ stuff for me in the last year or so. The whole “gotta’ have that” mode probably got switched on when I set up my ultra cool office and unearthed my boxes of Batman collectibles. Yep, I’m pretty sure this action directly coincided with my new found affinity for Ebay, Flea Markets and nearly weekly toy store visits. Alrighty then, that’s enough of the history, let’s get on to the cool stuff that I wanna’ git my mits on this Christmas. Before we do that though, let me remind you to check out my last years column here that’ll set you straight on some great holiday movies you can enjoy while were countin’ down to the big day.

Last year my family got me a subscription to Amazing Figure Modeler Magazine and I just got my fourth and last issue last week. It’s really a great mag, when it’s not making me feel incredibly inferior about my modeling skills! So I guess I’d enjoy re-upping for another year with them.

I’m pretty much modeled out right now, still got 14 of them under the workbench that I gotta’ get to, so I’m limiting this category down to just a few. I’d really like to get the “Fang” character kit from the Mad Monster Party series. This would be a great addition to my Frankenstein collection. I also love the “Frankenstein v.s Wolfman” kit. Again, I need the Lugosi Frankenstein for my collection. There’s also this cool Frankie kit from Dark Carnival that recreates the great Jack Davis poster that was so cool back in the sixties. Nostalgia nearly demands that I try and get this kit. And lastly, they’ve re-released “Ed Roth’s Super Fink”. Now, if you’ve been a regular here at my site, than you know that I gotta’ have this kit. This one is probably the one I want the most, but ya’ know I’ll never say no to any others!

Gotta add some movies to my library. Spider-man 2 tops that list. I also have this collection of Super Hero movies on VHS that I’d like to replace with DVD copies. There’s quite a few of those bad dogs! And I know there’s a bunch of Sci-Fi/Horror movies out there that I need to keep building up my collection. Although I did manage to fill out my catalog this past Halloween! Oooooops, just couldn’t wait. You know how it is, don’t you?

The trouble with being a Batman fan is that they never seem to stop manufacturing Batman related stuff. A guy can go broke trying to satisfy this habit. I mean, how many different Batman action figures can they come up with, really? It just freaks me out every time I check out the action at Amok Time. But, can’t stop now, I’m dug in way to deep. So I better get the Hush Series II figures, they’ve got some great versions of Catwoman, the Riddler, and Harley Quinn. For better or worse, I’ve managed to get all the “Official Book of the Movie” books for the Batman movie series, EXCEPT the one for Batman and Robin. I know, I know, it sucked, but it’s like following your favorite sports team, you shouldn’t give up on them for one bad season. (Unless of course you’re a Redskins fan, like me, and the team has been sucking hard for 13 years and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight, then you gotta throw those bastards over like yesterdays bean dip or you’ll end up with an ulcer the size of FedEx Field!! ) Where were we? Oh yeah, the Batman and Robin Official Book of the Movie. I didn’t think they made one but just recently I stumbled across one on the internet some where. Really should have made a note about that but, oh well. Of course I’m kinda’ fond of the vintage Batman stuff and anything from that era, the sixties, is alright with me.

But that’s enough of what I want, what kinda stuff are you after? You gotta be thinking about that right now and let the people you love know ‘cause there duty bound by the season to try an make you happy, just like you gotta’ do for them. And sure, like my list, I’m sure yours might end up lookin’ like the list of a 12 year old too, but that’s the secret folks! Not exactly the fountain of youth, but certainly a sprinkler! This is the time you can revel in your child like excesses and hook back into that innocence, joy and enthusiasm that was the fuel that fired our kid engines. It feels good, really.

I want to take a moment here to thank all of you that have made this site a semi-success this past year. It’s been great hearing from all of you and I’ve enjoyed helping you out when I could and really appreciated getting help when I needed it! A special thanks to Robb and Dark Carnival for working with me on the Batgirl project and my lil’ Batgirl Posse of believers who made the whole project take off!! Hats off to you all, thank you so much for your help and support. In the coming year we’ve got some real exciting things planned for the site; a whole new look in early ’05; our “If ya’ can’t glue it……Screw It!” T-Shirts will be ready and we’ll be takin’ orders in February; also we’ve got some more re-issues of retired kits planned, so heads up Batman fans. More details on this in a few months. And as always I’ll be building kits and sharing everything I can about the process with you. I’m moving into resin kits in a big way now, so I’m sure there’s gonna’ be a lot of new learnin’ to be done.

So Merry Christmas to those of you sharing that sentiment, and all our best to those of you who are celebrating other things in other ways. Happy New Year to everyone and, as always... KEEP ON GLUIN’!!!!!!!! 

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