Happy, snappy, New year to all of ya'. Whew, hardly seems real that we're into 2005 AND more importantly, the beginning of the 2nd full on year of this site. Man, I'm lookin' forward to bringin' ya' lot's more rookie point of view modeling tips and up to the minute info on models, monsters, movies! I'm changin' up the page big time in an effort to make the site more surfable. Is that a word? I think yer gonna' dig the changes, and you be sure and let me know if there's any snags in the new setup, 'kay? I'll have my son jump right on fixin' them.

It's no secret that this year is all about Batman Begins for me! Truly, my entire universe is restin' on this film bein' the biggest and best thing that's happened to the Batman world since Tim Burton's 1989 blockbuster. This new version, from all that I've seen and read, promises to blow Burton's film outta' the water. It looks like it's gonna' be the first movie to tell the story of Bruce Wayne's journey to become the Batman and although it will have 2 villains in it, they won't over shadow the main character. A problem the plagued the last series and was ridiculously exlploited in the universally reviled "Batman and Robin". So, keep tabs on the site here, we're gonna' be addin' a new section to track all the doin's surrounding this movie. Have a gander at the trailer here if you havent already.

Another film I'm keepin' and eye out for is The Fantastic Four. I've been sayin' for years, ever since the first X-Men film that Marvel shoulda brought this story to the big screen. C'mon, the Four was one of Marvel's foundation blocks and has the characters and backstory to make it a huge crossover film for adults and kids. I'm a lil' concerned that the movie is bein' directed by a guy who's credentials are "Barbershop" and "Taxi". Uh, not sure how he got the gig, but let's give him the benefit of the doubt. The teaser trailer looks pretty encouraging. Check it out here.

For the modeling side of things, I'm gonna' continue to try and get some retired kits re-released. This past year, I managed to get the Alicia Silverstone Batgirl outta' mothballs and a couple dozen folks got to enjoy the kit again. That just happens to be the latest addition to my gallery so you can check her out here. I'm also still on the hunt to find me a top drawer scupltor who'll work fer bargain basement money to help me produce some "never before seen" kits from the Batman Movie series. I'm lookin' to get a Tommy Lee Jones Two Face and an Arnold Schwarzenegger Mr. Freeze done in 1/6th scale. So, if yer a sculptor, or you know one, and you love the hobby, and ya' wanna' help ol' Cal out, well you just give me a lil' heads up, 'kay? Of course, I continue to share with you my trials and errors in the fascinatin' world of kit buildin'. I'll be doin' Hawk's Francis the Foul this month and I've still got a slew of other kits under the bench threatenin' to be the death of me!

I'm still keepin' my finger on the pulse of some long rumored Lost Weird-Oh releases that a fella' contacted me about and I'm gonna' see if I can help him bring these kits to market. Here's some new original box art by Bill Cambell, the original inventor and artist of the Hawk Weird-Oh line, fer you to drool over while you wait for the kit's to be released. See the pictures above. I can't wait for these things, man!

Yep, and lastly I been poppin' off about my " If ya' can't glue it....Screw it!!" T-shirts here for awhile and we're just about ready to finish them up and get them to market. Not tryin' to make any bux off this project, just break even. There gonna' be cool, complete with all original art by yer's truly, 100% cotton, no poly crap, and expressing a sentiment that all modeler's know and love, and that just happens to be the new Cal's Models tag line. Check out the preview here of the work in progress at the bottom of last months column. Okay, okay, so I'm self promotin' a lil' bit. Sue me.

Big stuff doin' this year, so you be sure to keep us in yer daily or weekly web surfin' line up and we'll try and keep ya' neck deep in the fun. Keep on gluin'!!

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