Man, this is the part of the year I like the least. I won’t say that I hate it ‘cause I made a commitment to myself, yeah, a kind of resolution, that I would try to be more positive about things. So, I don’t hate the post holiday months, but they sure as heck can be tedious.

What’s with Feb-U-Scary? Have you checked out the movie releases lately? I just don’t get where these Hollywood brains figger they’re makin’ a smart move by releasing horror flicks in the dead months of winter. White Noise, The Darkness, Hide & Seek, Alone In The Dark, Boogeyman, and Cursed all coming out in January and February. What was wrong with gettin’ these fright flicks out in, oh…..I don’t know…… MAYBE OCTOBER!!!! Uh….. Halloween…….. HELLO!!!! Now I have heard that Hollywood big shots like to save what they consider to be its real stink-festival of films for this time of year so they have a chance to make some money when there’s no real competition but c’mon…..they released “Saving Christmas” the Ben Affleck bomb (move over Plan 9!) in October and it was a clear loser. It would seem to me that fright films would fare far better in October when the movie gong public expects Halloween flavored fare and is in more of a forgiving mood about the quality of the flick ‘cause they’re lookin’ to be scared! Now admittedly, I have not yet seen any of these films and I apologize. I meant to so I could give you the skinny on them, so I don’t know how good, bad or indifferent they are. But I still stick with my main beef: In October you can hardly buy a good horror film in the theater, and at Valentines Day, the theaters are thick with ‘em. It just don’t seem right, do it??

If ya’ been keepin’ up with my modeling additions, than you know that I’ve been on a roll with buildin’ up the kits from the Batman movies. I’ve been tryin’ to aquire and build all the 1/6th scale kits of this series. It has occurred to me as I have traversed this terrain that apparently one man’s “1/6th scale” another man’s 1/7th, or 1/5th, or crap…..even 1/8th sometimes!!! I’ve been able to tolerate subtle differences in size with many of these kits but recently I hit a patch the just defies explanation. After a painfully long internet search, I managed to come up with all the kits (to my knowledge) that exist from the Batman & Robin movie. That would be the Clooney Batman, the Silverstone Batgirl, the Thurman Poison Ivy and the, uh, well, that big, now dead, wrestler guy Bane. All these kits are advertised as being 1/6th scale. Now, I’ll let you be the judge. Take a look at the photo below and you tell me if these kits are, uh, to scale?

Clearly your answer will be……………….. HELL NO!!! How am I gonna’ make these things look cool together when their sizes are all over the map?!? Check out the difference between Bane and Ivy. Is that amazing or what? They gotta’ be kiddin’ right? There is no way that these kits are all 1/6th scale. Again, most of ‘em I can forgive the little differences but sheeeeeeesh……..that Ivy kit is clearly 1/8th stuff. The real kicker is that Batman, Ivy and Bane are all made by the same producer!! How the heck could they get the scale so wrong?!? I will, of course, build and enjoy all these kits, but I am now a tad wiser on the subject of scale. It appears to be relative to the producer’s idea of size.

Now there was a least one real cool happenin’ here in early February, the Super Bowl. Not the game, the BATMAN TRAILER!! How cool is that movie gonna’ be anyway? They cleverly snuck in a glimpse of the Scarecrow and he is bad-ass lookin’. But the buzz I’m pickin’ up on line is that we ain’t seen NOTHIN’ yet, regarding the ol’ Scarey one. So, this is one more tick on the “Cal-Can’t-Wait-O-Meter”. In case you were off the planet, you can check out the latest installment in the Batman Begins Trailer Trilogy here.

So chin up there, Seekers! Spring is just around the ol’ corner, and judging from the 60+ degree weather we been getting’ here in the Nations Capital, the groundhog was WAY OFF! Stay warm, work on yer kits, and keep thinkin’ them happy thoughts!

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