Ya’ know, when you’ve been outta’ the loop as long as I have now, you feel compelled to really catch up with folks. Don’t you? No? Well, then I guess that’s just me, but, lucky you!! YOU get to listen to ME while I fill ya’ in on all those lil’ details on the past missing months that you’ve been dyin’ to know

Let’s start by catchin’ an update on my last column. Take yer mind back to last winter when I did a delightful dissertation on the barrage of spooky TV that the networks were throwin’ at us. Well, as of this writing, only 2 of those shows are left on the air. The dead? The Night Stalker (a miserable updating of a beloved show), Threshold and Surface, (aliens everywhere shows, I think Surface may have found extra shelf life on Sci-Fi), Ghost Whisperer, (never saw an episode). That’s the bone pile. The survivors? Well, I still love Supernatural, and its still goin’ strong. They continue to pile on the scares at a fairly high level for commercial TV. Lemme tell ya’, it’s a hell of a lot better than the weak, stupid, tired, overhyped “Masters of Horror” over on Showtime. What a huge disappointment that show is!! So much promise, so little horror. It unfortunately suffers from what I refer to as HBO disease. Which put simply means, like EVERY original program that HBO has EVER done, the producers fell victim to believing that adding NAKED chicks and lots of F-WORD’S would give the show, uh, and edgy credibility. NOT!! Hey, I’m getting’ way off track here, let’s rejoin the column already in progress. Also on the continuing “Cal Still Watches it” list is Invasion. I was sure for awhile there that this show was gonna be another stunning failure, but it has lured me in. I was unsure how they would be able to sustain the show passed the initial “hurricane/alien invasion” premise, but doggone it, they managed to build up a crew of pretty likeable characters, a creepy undertone, some conspiracy themes, and other interesting storylines that are makin’ for pretty enjoyable viewing. Of course, Medium is still in my top 2 for TV, the other being 24. Just aren’t any better shows on right now if’n yer askin’ me, and hey………it’s my column.

Other catch up, I think I mentioned in my last update that Sean Kotz over at Creaturescape Online Magazine actually lost hold of his senses just long enough to invite me to do a build up column for his upcoming issue. Man, I was dampening my pants just thinkin’ about what a gas that was gonna’ be. Well, a funny thing happened on the way to that column. The wormhole. Yep, I just couldn’t get to the bench to work on the Hellraiser Pinhead kit that I was gonna document for his mag. Sean, if yer out there, sorry bud, I dropped the ball bigtime. However, I am tryin’ to make good on it now, and with any luck at all I’ll have ol’ Pinhead done and documented by your next exciting (and stunningly done!) issue. For those of you who may not KNOW about Sean’s labor of love, check it out at www.creaturescape.com. As for Pinhead, you can check out the progress so far on over at my Tips page.

Now, what created this wormhole? I know you’re sittin’ out there askin’ yourself that question right now. Well, don’t go burnin’ a hole in your cerebellum, just let me try and share with you the massive convergence of circumstances that nearly squirted me out of the universe like a watermelon seed!! Let’s start by recreating the scene, so those that came in late don’t feel……uh, all stupid and stuff. I had been workin’ on finishing up a stellar job on my 1/6 scale BANE, from Batman & Robin, kit. You remember the trouble I had gettin’ that big ol’ thing done. You were hangin’ on every word of my last tutorial weren’t you??? I thought so, BUT what you didn’t know was that I was also simultaneously trying to finish up an original 11 song CD with my band, Onestop. This project started in late February and due to a myriad of distraction, dysfuntions, and delusions, dragged on until late November. We had to postpone our CD release party THREE different times!!! Trust me, I wasn’t plannin’ on that. Then of course there was the usual added pressure of the holiday season bearin’ down on me, including the massive job of putting on our annual Christmas party that is a true labor of love. We usually have about 150 to 160 people there, and this year was no exception. We take care of the whole deal, food, drinks, entertainment, shoestrings……you name it, we provide it, and as a result it eats large chunks outta’ my modelin’ clock. Add to the mix the shopping and madness that has to be done for my immediate family, workin’ a full time job as the King of Pizza Empire (more on that subject in some other column!) and you can see that things were getting’ heavy for the Cal-Meister. Oh, but I wasn’t threw yet, not by a long shot. In addition to everything else, I was solicted to audition for a Beach Boys tribute band called Still Surfin’. Some background you really must know at this point is that I have always loved the Beach Boys. I spent a good deal of my musical youth, painstakingly figuring out the complex harmonies of their songs and even multi-tracking all the parts myself on songs like “God Only Knows” on my trusty Sony TC sound on sound recorder. So when this opportunity came along, all these years later, I had to take a crack at it. Long story short? Yeah, I know smartass, too late for that….anyway, I passed the audition, got the gig, and I am havin’ a blast workin’ out all of the great songs of the Beach Boys AND, as an added bonus, these fellas are a corporate touring band playing gigs all over the country, so I’ll be makin’ real good bread and seein’ a good portion of the good ol’ U.S. of A!! If you want a bit more stuff on my musical pursuits, check out www.onestopband.net and www.stillsurfin.com.

So, here we are. Back in the saddle, hopefully with a tad more continuity than I’ve had in the last several months. I’ve recently agreed to do my first consignment build up for a guy that found me out here in the great beyond. I’m buildin’ him up an Ed Roth Scuz Fink, and believe me, it’s gonna rock! I keep knockin’ out Pinhead, I’ve got a new Movie of the Month: Sin City, check it out, and I’m gonna’ start a new feature here tentatively titled “Be on the lookout for…”, which will feature new kits, action figures, DVD releases and other stuff that I think you need to know about. Also, we’re gonna concentrate on opening up the Cal Store for a lot more items. We’ve had it shut down for awhile while we retooled some things. When we reopen we’re gonna have the full line of new Hawk Weird-Oh releases for sale, the Cal’s Models “If ya’ can’t glue it…” Tee shirt, and a growing list of other items. So be sure to check in often with cash, we don’t want no stinkin’ loiterers here!!!!! There ya’ have it, Seekers, all caught up and ready to forge ahead into the wild, GLUE yonder!!!! Keep the faith!!

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