I grew up, literally, watching horror movies. That was our thing back in the 60’s. And there were so many great sources for this entertainment on T.V. I can’t remember a time when I was growing up that there wasn’t a Creature Feature, or Chiller Theater, or Shock!, with hosts like, Count Gore De Vol, or Sir Graves Ghastly, Elvira, and the Great Zucchini. Man, those were the days. I do, however, remember when these showcases ceased, and what a void was left by their absence. I’m sure out there across this great land, somewhere there are still the Friday and Saturday night horror hosts, on local or cable access channels, bringing the true fan the movies they love to watch. So, with that spirit in mind, and the perfect viewing season upon us, I just compiled a list of my favorite shockers for your consideration along with some of the reasons I like them. And this is, after all, the Halloween season, so turn out the lights, get your popcorn, pop in one of these horror gems, and get scared!

1.) Halloween (1978) – John Carpenter’s classic. Started a genre, and just a darn scary movie.

2.) Night of the Living Dead (1968) – Never forget the first time I saw it, it was rated X when it came out and my parents forbid me to see it. You know what that means!

3.) Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) – Saw this in the theater with a group of friends when I was in high school. When it was over, we just walked out of the theater in stunned disbelief. Literally, we couldn’t even talk to each other.

4.) A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) – New monster introductions that click are rare, and this one clicks big time!
ALSO RECOMMENDED: Nightmare On Elm Street Part 3: The Dream Warriors.

5.) All the original Universal horror films:
Frankenstein (1931), Dracula (1931), The Mummy (1932), The Wolf Man (1941), The Bride of Frankenstein (1935), Son of Frankenstein (1939), The Invisible Man (1933), King Kong (RKO Film, 1933), Creature of the Black Lagoon (1954). Ya’ gotta watch these, every year like me, or its just not Halloween.

6.) Alien (1979) – The hype for this movie was so tremendous, that when I went to go see this that I could hardly breathe during the coming attractions because I was so scared for what i was about to see. Then i saw the movie, and it wasnt that scary, but i had psyched myself out so bad it freaked me out.

7.) Bram Stokers Dracula (1992) – Aside from the PBS version starring Louis Jordan, possibly the best telling of the tale. (excuse Keanu Reeves horrible accent!)

8.) The Evil Dead & Evil Dead II: Dead By Dawn (1981 & 1987) – Shocked me to the bone in the theater. The opening sequence of II nearly made be blow chunks.

9.) Frighteners (1996) – Part silly, part scary, all good.

10.) The Monster Squad (1987) – Any movie that includes ALL the main Universal Monsters is a winner. (I can’t wait for “Van Helsing”, due out in 2004)

11.) Plan 9 From Outer Space (1959) – You have to see it to believe it.

12.) The Thing (1951 & 1982) – Both the original and the John Carpenter remake are worth
watching for completely different reasons.

13.) House on Haunted Hill, The Tingler, 13 Ghosts (1959, 1959, 1960) – These William Castle flicks
take me right back to Chiller Theater on Friday nights with my brothers,
cowering under the covers.

14.) Exorcist (1973) - An obvious choice, but still scared the piss out of me in the theatre. Went to see this with all of my high school friends and we could not get to sleep that night because we thought the devil was going to jump up our butts.

15.) Phantasm (1979) – Definitely one of the weirdest, most different horror films I ever saw. It blew me and my brother away in the theatre. Of all the horror movies I've ever watched, this one stands as being completely unique in it's approach to the horror movie.

16.) Invaders from Mars (1953) – The original scared the bejeezus outta me as a kid.

17.) Re-Animator (1985) – "Herbert West has a good head on his shoulders - And another one in a dish on his desk!" Saw this one in the theatres as well, and I thought it was great. It was great for a couple reasons. One, cause it was a "new" Frankenstein movie. And Two, I liked all the actors in it, none of which I had ever seen, but were an ensemble that would go on to be in several other movies.

18.) Bucket of Blood (1959) – My first splatter film.

19.) House of Usher, The Pit & the Pendulum, The Raven (1960 & 1961 & 1963) – This series of Roger Corman directed Edgar Allen Poe films with Vincent Price were very creepy, and still work today! (And on The Raven: Price, Karloff & Lorre! How classic is that?)

20.) Dawn Of The Dead (1978) – The most shocking first 15 minutes of any movie - EVER.

21.) An American Werewolf In London (1981) – A great mixture of black comedy and terror. Classic.

22.) Trilogy of Terror (1975) – With Karen Black, made in the 70’s for T.V. It's hard to
believe how scary this film is.

23.) Black Sabbath (1963) – With Boris Karloff, one of his later films, but he shows he still
got what it takes to make the ol’ skin crawl.

24.) The Brain that Wouldn’t Die (1962) – Watch this one, and you’ll know why its on the list.

25.) The Changeling (1980) - A damn good ghost story. It has one scene that will make you jump out of your seat. Watch it, and you'll know which one I'm talking about.

26.) Two Thousand Maniacs (1964) – Another splatter classic.

27.) The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms (1953) – Must have a Harryhausen in the collection.

28.) The Fly (1958 & 1986) – Both the original and the remake are great.

29.) Fright Night (1985) – Again, lighthearted yet thrilling.

30.) Dead Of Night (1945) – The best trilogy/ghost story/haunted house movie ever made.

31.) The Horror of Dracula (1958) – Christopher Lee takes over and OWNS the role of Dracula!

Got an opinion? Agree/Disagree with my list? Anyone seen 'em all? Is there a halloween movie you think I should check out, (if I haven't already)? Shoot me an email and let me know what you think.


Well, theres one for every day of the month, but in just in case you’re a double feature type person, like me, here are 31 more of my Halloween Favorites....

Psycho (1960), When Worlds Collide,The Time Machine (1960), IT Came From Outer Space,The Unnamable, Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte, Dog Soldiers another level of werewolf film, Dead Alive, Demons, The Mole People the movie sucked, but its a great monster!, Dracula Has Risen from the Grave, Curse of the Demon, Curse of the Werewolf, The Legend of Hell House this is a true nail biter, Dementia 13, Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde (1968 TV), Dracula (1973 TV), Count Dracula (1977 TV), Pitch Black darn good space horror and Vin Diesels debut, The Ring, Jeepers Creepers, The Lost Boys, The Day the Earth Stood Still, War of the Worlds, Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?, The Haunting (1963), Nosferatu (1922), Carrie, The Howling, From Beyond, Magic

Happy Halloween!!!